Total Transfer Capability Evaluation of a Power System with Renewable Energy

N. Paensuwan and A. Yokoyama (Japan)


Renewable energy, total transfer capability, transient stability.


Over recent years, it has been witnessed a fast development of renewable energy throughout the world. Motivated by rising environmental concerns, renewable energy is expected to be a clean and sustainable energy source for the future electricity production. Japan also pushes toward the renewable energy development by setting out a target of 6610 MW wind power and 53 GW photovoltaic (PV) by 2030. This target results in extensive research conducted throughout Japan to study the impacts of a large renewable energy penetration on the system. This paper is a part of this ongoing research with the objective to develop a method suitable to evaluate the total transfer capability (TTC) and examine how it changes as renewable energy penetration level increases. The proposed method integrates both Monte Carlo simulation and transient stability assessment to deal with the uncertainty and transient stability constraints. The validity of the proposed method is illustrated through the numerical simulation conducted on the modified IEEE 30 bus test system.

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