The Impact of Wind Power Loading on the Power System Transient Stability

R.T. Ayodele, A.A. Jimoh, J.L. Munda, and J.T. Agee (S. Africa)


Wind power loading, transient stability, critical clearing time (CCT), Renewable Energy, Generator technology, Power system.


This paper studies the effect of wind power loading on the critical clearing time (CCT) of a power system. generator technologies (squirrel cage induction generator, SCIG and doubly fed induction generator, DFIG) are considered to investigate the influence of wind power the transient stability of a power system. that generator technology and the amount of integrated have influence on the stability of a power system. In the case of SCIG, the compensator used to improve the power factor wind farm is observed to have negative influence stability margin of the system. The study is carried out by a powerful commercially available software DigSILENT power factory.

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