Equivalence of Three Methods for Computing Small-Signal Stability Boundaries for Power Systems

F. Liu, D. Zhang, S. Yang, S. Mei, and G. He (PR China)


Small-signal stability boundaries, Hopf bifurcation, power system, parameter space


The computation of small-signal stability boundaries in parameter space for power systems is of great significance for monitoring and controlling of power systems stability. This paper firstly gives a review of three typical methods proposed in past literature. A mathematical proof is given that under certain conditions these three methods are all equivalent in two-parameter space. Their performances are also briefly compared in order to choose the best one according to different situations. It is also pointed out that in high dimensional parameter space these three methods are no longer equivalent, and impractical to implement for computing the small-signal stability boundaries. Thus, more appropriate methods are suggested. Finally, the basic ideas of this paper are illustrated on an example power system.

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