Bidirectional Interaction based Coordinated Voltage Control System for Hierarchical Electrical Power Control Centers

B. Wang, Q. Guo, H. Sun, H. Li, J. Luo, B. Zhang, and W. Wu (PR China)


Automatic Voltage Control; Coordinated Control; Bidirectional Interaction; Multi-Agent System


Automatic coordinated control for hierarchical electrical power control centers is now becoming a challenging objective for many utilities and system operators. Automatic voltage coordinated control system, based on bidirectional coordination constrains, for hierarchical electrical power control centers, is designed and implemented in this paper. Some key technologies are proposed in this paper, including the control structure, select the coordination variables, calculate the control ability and expectation information, generate and execute the coordination strategies. A coordinated control agent is introduced, and the distributed multi-agent system coordination structure is proposed. The reactive power and voltage variables on the higher and lower boundary are chosen as coordinated variables. Using optimization method, the expectation and ability constraints are calculated real-time and online. With these online bidirectional coordinated constraints, coordinated control strategies are provided by the coordinated control agent and executed by the higher and lower agents. The coordinated control system has already been put to practical application in Jiangsu power grid (one of the max largest provincial power grids in china) from 2009. One provincial control centers (including 35 power plans and 72 generators) and two district control centers (including 79 coordination boundaries) have joined the coordinated control, and excellent performance has been observed

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