Polynomial Approximation of Small Signal Stability Region Boundary in Parameter Space

S. Yang, F. Liu, D. Zhang, S. Mei, and G. He (PR China)


Small signal stability region, polynomial approximation, implicit function method, bifurcation


The small signal stability region (SSSR) provides a powerful tool for the security operation of power system. However, it is still mathematically infeasible to obtain the analytical expression of the SSSR boundary´╝îwhich limits the applications of the SSSR to power systems. This paper presents a polynomial approximation approach to give an analytical expression of the SSSR boundary based on the implicit function method. This approach makes it possible to calculate the SSSR boundaries in high-dimensional parameter space, so that many small-signal stability related problems can be solved easily. Several potential applications are also discussed in this paper. Finally the effectiveness and accuracy of the algorithm is verified through case studies on a rudimentary power system.

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