Damping Power System Oscillation in Critical Conditions using UPFC

D. Mostafa Tobnaghi, P. Farhadi, B. Najafi, M. Karimi, and M. Toloei (Iran)


Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), unified power flow controller (UPFC), power system stability, oscillation damping.


Due to the increasing need to electrical energy and extension of power systems that usually resulting in power system oscillations, more attention has been paid to power system stability. Because of high flexibility of FACTS devices in controlling the parameters of power networks, the use of these devices is also growing. In this paper, power system stability in the presence and absence of the UPFC, as one of the most comprehensive type of FACTS devices, is evaluated. Although the main role of the UPFC is supposed to be power flow controlling, but with considering critical conditions of the network, we will show that how much this device can be useful in stabilizing power system oscillations in these conditions. Simulations have been done in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. Studying two critical cases of network: enormous load entry to the network and three-phase fault occurrence and comparing them in presence and absence of UPFC are the purposes of the article.

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