Robust Single Machine Infinite Bus with UPFC Connected to a Transmission Line

G.P. Yuma, J.L. Munda, and K. Kusakana (S. Africa)


Single machine infinite bus, Unified power flow controller, modelling and simulation, power system toolbox.


It is well known that Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is a powerful and versatile concept for power flow control that has capability of changing power flow. This paper presents modelling and simulation of power flow control through a transmission line by placing UPFC at the sending end using computer simulation. The design objective is to improve the stability of a Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMBI) power system, subjected to severe disturbance. It covers control and performance of UPFC installed into that transmission line to control power flow. A control system which enables the UPFC to follow the changes in reference values like AC voltage, DC voltage and angle order of the series voltage source converter is simulated. Simulations were carried out using Power System Toolbox (PST) software to validate the performance of the UPFC.

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