A New Coordinated Control Scheme of PSS and SVC for Enhancing Power System Stability

C. Jakpattanajit, N. Hoonchareon (Thailand), and A. Yokoyama (Japan)


Power system stability, Power system stabilizers, Flexible ac transmission system, Coordinated control.


This paper presents a new coordinated control scheme based on wide-area signals to coordinate local controllers. The coordinated controller transmits the supplementary signals to the local controllers. The proposed scheme uses the energy function based on Lyapunov’s stability theory for modeling a coordinated controller. In this study, the coordinated controller which is installed at system control center utilizes remote measurements and compensates the interactions between the local controllers. When the coordinated controller is implemented, it provides an additional oscillation damping and also improves the global stability of the power system. The IEEJ west 10 machines system which is installed with PSS and SVC is selected to simulate and investigate in this study. The simulation results in different contingencies indicate that implementation of the coordinated control scheme can increase critical clearing time and enhance power oscillation damping for multi-machine power system. Moreover, this scheme can be used to improve the stability of the large-scale power system with multiple local controllers.

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