Development of an Integrated and Networked Digital Metering System for AC Power Distribution

L.G. Krishnamurthy, N. Raghuprakash, and S.H. Jangamshetti (India)


Energy, Global system for Mobile communication, Remote metering, Short Message Service, Tampering,


This paper presents a unique solution to devise a unit which is tamperproof, cost effective, fast, accurate and remote metering at any level of the distribution system. The system helps to access accurate and sufficient data from metering devices to measure the electrical parameters, eliminating the use of energy meters and human intervention. The software application provides a real time parameter like line voltage, line current, power factor, true power, apparent power and reactive power from remote substations. Remote metering system is implemented using microcontroller based mixed signal circuitry. A prototype of the system has been designed and developed for experimental verification of the technique. It is tested using the existing global system for Mobile Communications via Short Message Service facility at Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The time taken for the entire computation of all the parameters is 4.5 ms. All the results of the work are presented. The results obtained comply with the ratings of the load. It is hoped that with slight modifications billing can be implemented on the consumer end and details pertaining to the energy consumption can be sent through SMS to the consumer without human interference. The system can be implemented at any stage from generation to distribution.

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