Dynamic System Security Assessment using Inventive Simulation Techniques

E. Lerch (Germany) and U. Kerin (Slovenia)


Dynamic security assessment, fuzzy ranking system, system state indices, system loading index


The growth and loading of today’s power system needs more elaborated tools to monitor the system security in order to find countermeasures in case of system insecurity and instability. Studying system security refers to analysis of system voltage, transient and small signal stability. The small signal stability problem is usually the one of poor damping of system oscillations. Secure operation of power systems is strongly related to damping of system oscillations; if damping is insufficient the system can undergo stability problems. The work combines an index for small system security with a set of indices for the overall system behavior ranking small system behavior, transient stability, voltage behavior and system performance using a fuzzy logic to monitor the system state. An index for studying system loading of each node is introduced, too. The index allows to define absolute nodal loading. With this index the actual situation, increase in loading or behavior of the system over the day can be analyzed and monitored in a suitable way. A dynamic security assessment (DSA) system using parallel computing was built and tested to show the performance of the DSA.

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