Power System Security Enhancement by Optimal Placement of UPFC

J.G. Singh (Thailand), S.N. Singh, S.C. Srivastava (India), and L. Söder (Sweden)


Unified power flow controller, Optimal placement, OPF, PI sensitivity, System security.


In this paper, a new approach to enhance power system security has been suggested by optimal placement of UPFC based on sensitivity indices. The sensitivity indices have been obtained, using ac power flow method, in terms of change in line real power flow Performance Index (PI) with respect to the change in the UPFC parameters viz., injected voltage magnitude and phase angle. In order to validate the accuracy of the proposed method, an Optimal Power Flow (OPF) formulation has been used to measure the security in terms of minimum PI values, with placement of UPFC based on the proposed sensitivity factors. The results have also been compared with existing dc power flow based method on IEEE 30-bus and practical NREB 246-bus Indian systems. Test results obtained on the two systems show that the new sensitivity factors could be effectively used for the optimal placement of UPFC in order to enhance the static security of the power system.

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