Voltage Collapse Constrained Loadabililty Analysis of Bangladesh Power System Network

Md.J.-E. Alam (Australia) and A.H. Chowdhury (Bangladesh)


Bangladesh power system, voltage collapse, saddle-node bifurcation, continuation power flow.


Information on loading capability is highly important for secure operation of a power system, and also provide with a background for expansion planning. Loadability studies based on voltage collapse, considered as one of the severe limiting factors in system loading, can be used to obtain practical insights on the operational regime of an existing system. Findings of a preliminary level voltage collapse study on Bangladesh Power System Network (BPSN) have been presented in this paper. The complete network model of BPSN, represented in this work by a 166 bus system, has been used. Voltage collapse constrained maximum loading point at the base case – created with a recent peak-time operational data set, and with several selected contingencies have been determined and presented. Usefulness of additional information obtained from voltage collapse studies, such as identification of weak buses and their effectiveness in network performance improvement has also been discussed.

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