Adaptive Real Range Genetic Algorithm for Combined Heat & Power Economic Dispatch

A.K. AL-Othman and S.S. AL-Mutar (Kuwait)


Economic-Load Dispatch, Combined Heat, Adaptive Real Range and optimization.


Adaptive Range Genetic Algorithms (ARGAs) are a new approach, which employ dynamic coding schemes for binary-coded GAs to treat a continuous design space. The essence of their idea is to adapt the population toward promising design regions during the optimization process, which enables efficient and robust search in good precision while keeping the string length small. In addition, ARGAs eliminate prior definition of boundaries of the search regions since ARGAs distribute design candidates according to the normal distributions of the design variables in the present population. This paper presents the application of new technique based on adaptive real range genetic algorithms (ARGAs) to solve the combined heat power economic load dispatch problem (CHPED). For illustrative purposes, the proposed technique is applied on some bench mark mathematical problems along with various power system examples. Furthermore, convergence characteristics and robustness of the proposed method is assessed and investigated.

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