The Comparison of Effect on Conducted EMI Emission and Harmonic Noise from Circuits of Electronic Ballasts

C. Uyaisom (Thailand)


electronic ballasts, energy saving, harmonic & EMI noise


This paper presents the comparison of effect on conducted EMI emission and harmonic noise and electrical performance from each circuits of electronic ballasts of fluorescent lamp. The test set has been gotten from public favor that consists of typical ballasts of the fluorescent lamp. The circuit of electronic ballast consist of electronic ballast with EMI filter (circuit A), electronic ballast without EMI filter (circuit B) and electronic ballast without EMI filter and power factor correction : PFC (circuit C). The power rate of each ballast is 36 watts. The effect of ballasts on the conducted EMI emission are compared to verify the effectiveness of electrical performance. The test setup is referred to the CISPR-16 standard.

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