Experiment on Fault Current Limiting by a Single-Phase Bridge Type Fault Current Limiter with DC and AC Reactors

N. Sujjapan and S. Polmai (Thailand)


Fault current limiting, Solid-state fault current limiter, Distributed energy resources, Microgrid,


This paper presents description of configuration and operation principle of a solid-state bridge-type SSFCL with DC and AC reactors. In this configuration the short circuit limitation takes effect immediately after the fault by DC and AC reactor. The DC reactor is separated from the fault circuit after a half cycle period leaving only AC reactor for steady-state current limitation. This SSFCL is planned for used in microgrid for reliability enhancement and improve power quality at the point of common coupling. The laboratory-scale single phase model of a SSFCL is built for evaluation and validation. The experimental results are compared with the simulation result for confirmation.

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