Mode Separation Method of Power System Oscillations by Applying Center of Inertia Frequency Estimated by Actual Measurement Data

T. Hashiguchi, T. Goda, Y. Mitani, M. Watanabe, O. Saeki, M. Hojo, and H. Ukai (Japan)


phasor measurement unit, center of inertia frequency, anal ysis of power system dynamics, power system oscillation, signal processing, mode separation


In world wide, recent increased disturbances, congestion management problems, and increase of complexity in op erating power systems have brought the need for integra tions and improvements of power systems. Advanced ap plications in wide area monitoring, protection, and control (WAMPAC) systems provides a cost effective solution to improve system planning, operation, maintenance, and en ergy trading. Synchronized measurement technology and applications are an important element of WAMPAC. In ad dition, phasor measurement units (PMUs) are the most ac curate and advanced time-synchronized technology avail able for WAMPAC applications. This paper describes the estimation method of center of inertia frequency by measurement data(PMU data) and the mode separation method of power system oscillations by applying a center of inertia frequency. Employing these methods, each mode of power system oscillations can be extracted separately. These method lead to the clariļ¬cation of power system dynamics and will make it possible to real ize the monitoring of power system oscillations associated with power system stability.

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