Behavior of Winding to Ground Fault in Transformer Windings using Discrete Wavelet Transform

C. Pothisarn, A. Ngaopitakkul, W. Pongchaisrikul, C. Apisit, and S. Jonpermpoonpol (Thailand)


Winding to ground fault, Transformer windings, Discrete Wavelet Transforms, Power Transformer


In the literature for fault detection, most of research works have never been mentioned about the high frequency transformer including capacitances. This paper presents behaviour of winding to ground fault signals in a three-phase two-winding transformer. The advantage of the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is that the band of analysis can be fine adjusted so that high frequency components and low frequency components are detected precisely, consequently DWT is considered herein. The fault is simulated using ATP/EMTP and the behaviour analysis of signals is performed using DWT. The variation of high frequency components of differential current signals is proposed in this paper. The results obtained from the analysis will be useful in the development of a detect fault scheme for power transformer in the future.

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