Design of Robust Control and Monitoring System for Stabilization of Frequency Fluctuation in a Microgrid System

S. Vachirasricirikul, I. Ngamroo, and S. Kaitwanidvilai (Thailand)


Microgrid, frequency stabilization, system uncertainties, H∞ loop shaping control, particle swarm optimization


This paper proposes a design method of robust control and monitoring system (RCMS) for stabilization of frequency fluctuation in a microgrid (MG) system. The power sources in the studied MG consist of wind power (WP), photovoltaic (PV), microturbine (MT) and fuel cell (FC). Due to intermittent power generations from WP and PV as well as load fluctuations, these may cause severe frequency fluctuation. The frequency stabilization of RCMS is performed by a coordinated control of power outputs of MT and electrolyzer system (ES) in both islanding and interconnected utility grid operations. The controller structure of MT and ES is a proportional integral (PI). To enhance the robustness of MT and ES controllers, system uncertainties such as system parameters variations, various generations and loadings etc., are modeled by normalized coprime factor. Controller parameters of MT and ES are concurrently tuned by a particle swarm optimization based on H∞ loop shaping control. Simulation results confirm the frequency stabilization effect and robustness of the proposed RCMS against various operating conditions.

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