Transient Response of a Building with Multiple Down Conductors to a Direct Lightning

H. Uno, N. Nagaoka, Y. Baba, and A. Ametani (Japan)


Multiple down conductors, lightning surge, lightning current distribution, building model, scaled model measurement, FDTD method, EMTP


Transient response of a building with multiple down conductor to a direct lightning is investigated by means of measurements using a 1/25 scaled building model and numerical simulations. The measured currents flowing into pillars are compared with the calculated results obtained by Finite-Different Time-Domain (FDTD) method [1] and Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP) [2] . The multiple down conductors reduce the currents flowing into the pillars, and an electric and a magnetic field within the building caused by a direct lightning. The effect on the transient electric field is minor comparing with the steady state electric field. A numerical simulation is required for a confirmation of the efficiency of the multiple down conductor on the transient response. The mutual couplings between the structure and the down conductors are significant. The circuit analysis by the EMTP is effective to figure out the phenomenon when the building is struck by a lightning because the EMTP analysis has the advantage of short calculation time.

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