Geometric Optimal Design of an ATC Arm using Design of Experiments

J.-H. Kim, C.-M. Lee, and M.-J. Lee (Korea)


Design of Experiment, Geometric Optimal Design, Multiple Response Optimization, ATC Arm


ATC holds a tool storage magazine that stores tools and changes tools, which are being used at a spindle system, using an arm inside the magazine. Thus, reducing its weight is very important in its design as well as the static and dynamic characteristics of it. This paper tries to interpret the static attributes of the ATC arm using the commercial code, ANSYS Workbench, and to optimize the design of images using a multiple response optimization method. In the results of this study, the ATC arm is to be designed as a lightweight figure including the reduction in its deformation. Also, it reflects that a multiple response optimization method is very useful in the optimal design of it.

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