TDOA/AOA based RFID Indoor Geolocation using Indirect Kalman Filter

D. Kim, H. Shao, and K. You (Korea)


Time difference of arrival, angle of arrival, indirect Kalman filter, indoor positioning, Non-Line-of-Sight


To estimate the position of RFID tag, Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) has been used. However, a Non-Line-of Sight (NLOS) situation can cause large error in indoor positioning system. We identify which receiver is in the LOS path and select Angle of Arrival (AOA) signal from the identified LOS receiver. The AOA signal combined with TDOA is used to compensate for the large error in NLOS situation. Also, we propose an indirect Kalman filter for the fusion of TDOA and AOA signals. To compensate for the environmental and NLOS error components which happen in TDOA and AOA measurements, the indirect Kalman filter estimates the error of position and it suppresses error components effectively. In this paper, the simulation results prove the performance of localization using the indirect Kalman filter.

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