Validation of a Buoyant Jet Model (PROMISE) against Laboratory Data

H. Niu (Canada), C. Zhan (PRC), B. Veitch, K. Lee, T. Husain (Canada), and N. Bose (Australia)


Modelling, buoyant jet and plume, Lagrangian approach, near-field, dilution, validation


The PROMISE model has been developed to supply a tool for probabilistic analysis of the mixing of produced water in the marine environment. This paper describes the validation of the near field module of PROMISE against laboratory data and other models. The model predictions on buoyant jet trajectory, plume width and dilution have been checked against three types of buoyant jets from three different data sources. Statistics on the predicted versus measured values have been obtained. The results show that PROMISE can provide satisfactory prediction in all three parameters and the degree of bias is comparable to other models. The mean errors of PROMISE predictions are slightly smaller than other models but most of the ranges of its prediction errors are slightly wider than that of other models.

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