Modeling and Control of Imperfect Micro-Gyroscopes

N.-C. Tsai and C.-Y. Sue (Taiwan, China)


Intelligent Control, Micro-gyroscope, Quadrature Error, Cross-axis Perturbation


A planar micro-gyroscope with inevitable imperfections is investigated in this paper. Owing to the imposed coupling accelerations such as quadrature error and cross-axis perturbation, the micro-machined gyroscope could not be unconditionally retained at resonant mode. Once the preset resonance is not sustained, the performance of the micro-gyroscope is accordingly degraded. A direct Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) loop which is integrated with a Modified Disturbance Estimating Observer (MDEO) is proposed to guarantee the resonant oscillations at drive mode and counterbalance the undesired disturbance caused by quardrature error and cross-axis perturbation. The parameters of controller are on-line innovated by the dynamic error between the MDEO output and expected response.

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