A SystemC-based Methodology for HW/SW Partitioning of an Embedded Computer Vision System

J. Ou, F. Schupfer, and J. Haase (Austria)


High level modeling, algorithm partitioning, HW/SW co design, simulation.


Nowadays embedded systems typically comprise of mixed hardware and software elements which run in dedicated processors or specifically designed integrated circuits. Ad ditionally, embedded algorithms are usually created by de signing a C++ program and evaluating its functionality by simply executing the algorithm. When implementing such algorithms in embedded systems, design decisions on how to partition the functionality into hardware and software parts, have to be found. Our framework uses the high level hardware description language SystemC to model the sin gle hardware components of the actual system and addi tionally to implement the algorithm into these components. By doing so, a later repartitioning of parts of the algorithm between HW and SW is supported and the SystemC inte grated simulation environment allows an evaluation of the overall system behavior.

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