Modeling and Simulation of the Vacuum Temperature Field in a Gear-Bearing System

L. Qi, G. Zhang, and Y. Liu (PRC)


Temperature field, moving part, vacuum, grease lubrication


An average frictional heat model was developed to investigate the temperature field of the gear-bearing system under the vacuum grease lubricating condition. In this model, the temperatures of the key nodes in the system were simulated using the thermal network method. The influences of the loading, the rotation speed and the environmental temperature on the system temperature field were obtained. The relationships between the frictional heat and the load, the rotating speed and the grease operating temperature were discussed. The simulation result shows that (1) the moment loads have greater non-linear influence on the temperature of the gear than the bearing; (2) the increase of motor rotating speed will rise linearly the temperature of the gear and the bearing; (3) the space environmental temperature has linear influences on the self temperature and the contact frictional heat of the gear and the bearing. This study provides a critical theoretical guideline for the lubrication manner and accelerated life test of the space moving parts.

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