Visual Simulation of Interactive Missile Launching System based on OpenGL

X.-y. Li, Q.-h. Gao, X.-x. Huang, and Y. Long (PRC)


Visual simulation, missile launching system, OpenGL, entity objects, dynamic and kinematical model, simulation animation


In order to simulate the launching control process of missile launching system more factually, the terrain character and special effect of the virtual launching scene was established based on OpenGL. The 3D models of entity objects and launching vehicle were loaded and located in the virtual scene. Based on the study of physical character and mechanical motion of missile launching system, its dynamic and kinematical models were built as the bottom driver of the visual models. The visual operating interface was developed with Visual C++ to set up the initialization, state parameters of simulation system and to perform the interactive control of the entity objects’ 3D models and its simulation animation. The simulation results prove that the system runs steadily with real-time interactive control and well visual effect.

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