Special Effect Simulation of Missile Launching Scene based on Particle System

X.-y. Li, Z.-l. Zhang, X.-x. Huang, and Y. Long (PRC)


Special effect, missile launching system, particle system, visual simulation, rendering process, dynamic character


In order to simulate the special effects in the visual simulation of missile launching scene, the mathematical model of particle system is studied based on the principle of particle system. Then the interface of particle system is designed according to the rendering process of a particle system to simplify its program and development, and the concrete particle systems are designed as the child classes to perform concrete realization of the interface and concrete execution of each particle system according to their dynamic characters. User can develop the concrete particle system to perform the designed function and instantiation of child classes with the interface conveniently. Finally, the common special effects such as tail fire, flight track and smog are taken as examples to study and expound the application of particle system in visual simulation of missile launching scene.

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