Hardware-in-Loop Simulation of Electric Vehicles Automated Mechanical Transmission System

C. Liao, Y. Wu, and L. Wang (PRC)


Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Hardware-in-loop (HIL) Simulation, AMT,PXI.


Using automated mechanical transmission (AMT) in hybrid electric vehicle can effectively enhance the vehicle performance. Using the modeling and simulation technology in research and development of AMT control strategies, which is comprehensive use of MATLAB / SIMULINK modeling and simulation capabilities, RTW automatic code generation technology, PXI-rich interface, Lab VIEW RT real-time environment and the Lab VIEW virtual instrument technology, with PXI system as a real time simulation platform, can achieve the seamless connectivity between software simulation and real-time simulation of hardware. All of this provides a new kind of controller development and testing environment, which can significantly improve the efficiency and the quality of development.

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