Taking the Right Step: Determine the Correct Entity Execution Ordering in a Time-Stepped Simulation

X. Fan, J.Y. Shen, J.-G. Beauport, R. Hennessy, and E. Nettleton (Australia)


Distributed Simulation, Time-Stepped Simulation, Entity Execution Ordering, Data Dependency, Performance Study


Time-stepped execution is a widely used simulation exe cution strategy. It has many advantages over event driven execution when direct control of the simulation pace is required. Hence, time-stepped execution is the preferred choice for hardware-in-the-loop (real time) simulations. This paper describes the control flow and components of a time-stepped simulation. A large portion of this paper is de voted to solve the entity execution ordering, which is a key problem in time stepped simulations. We convert the prob lem of entity execution ordering into a data dependency problem. Two novel algorithms, the explicit approach and the speculative approach, are presented. Main contribu tions of this paper include: an overview of the time-stepped simulation control flow, the recognition of the problem of data dependency in entity execution ordering, and two so lutions for this problem.

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