Analytical and Numerical Solutions for Predicting the Strength of Stratified Rock Mass under Compressive Load

Y. Zhou, J.-x. Liu, D.-f. Zhang, and X.-z. Tong (PRC)


3-Dimensional simulation; rock compression; numerical test; strength


Stratified rock mass has been widely existing in geotechnical engineering, and its compressive strength is the main parameter in engineering design. With obvious transversely isotropic characteristic, strength of stratified rock mass is not only related to strength of intact rock but also to the inclination and characteristic of structure plane. Many scholars have done some work to study the strength variation discipline of stratified rock mass to build some analytical solutions for predicting its strength , but the analytical solutions can only be applied in analyzing the problem with simple geometry, simple boundary conditions. In order to explore a new way for geotechnical design, the numerical solution is proposed. And the numerical modeling method and simulation model is introduced, and their results for the uniaxial compressive situation and the triaxial compressive situation are compared with that from the analytical solutions. The comparison results show that, with the different inclination of joint plane, the numerical result is almost the same with that from theoretical calculation, whose maximum differences is less that 2%, which validate the correct of the numerical simulation method.

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