Real-Time Visual Feedback Improves Manipulation Task

F.A. Aziz, O.C. Leong, and B. Sahari (Malaysia)


Visual Feedback, Simulation, Real-time, Virtual Reality


Real-time feedback systems has been widely used and become very important in many fields. The real-time system has been studied by adding a real-time visual feedback into a simulation task. Two types of real-time visual feedback were discussed in this work, which were colour feedback and text feedback.
Visual feedback techniques were design to give the cues to the users about the reasons for errors occurrence. Four different methods were compared and contrasted which are no feedback, with feedback, with text feedback and with colour feedback. This work was carried out by developing a programming code of Microsoft Visual C++ and OpenGL as a graphic library.

The goals of this study were to explore real-time visual feedback technique and compare the effectiveness of different types of real-time visual feedback technique.

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