A Robust Color Transition based Approach for Image Segmentation

S. Nisar, M.Y. Javed, and A.A. Khan (Pakistan)


Color image, Color transition, HSV, Object segmentation


Segmentation is a process of partitioning an image into multiple segments based on certain attributes. The ultimate goal of the segmentation is to convert the image into a simplified form that is more useful as compared to the original image. The results of multiple segmentation techniques depend upon the requirement for segmentation. Either it requires only a certain object to be segmented from the rest of the image or all the objects in the image should be segmented or separated. In this paper, a technique of segmenting all the objects in the image based on color differences is presented. The paper presents the color transition based image segmentation in HSV (Hue Saturation Value) color space in which the color difference is measured to calculate the color transition among pixels. Color transition among the pixels might be a strong sign of the existence boundaries of objects. So, objects in an image can be segmented on the basis of the color transition. The complete segmentation technique and the supporting results are also presented.

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