A New Fingerprint Matching Method using Minutia Disturbance

X. Liu, D. Zhao, and G. Sun (PRC)


Fingerprint matching; fingerprint recognition; minutia clustering


Fingerprint matching is the most important step in the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). In this paper, a new method of fingerprint matching using minutia disturbance is proposed, in which the matching process is divided into two parts. First, at the alignment stage, the local structure relationships between different minutiae have been used to adjust the coordinate of minutia, which include the triangle structure and the local structure of the point and line. It shows a good result especially when there is not too much minutia in one finger. Then, at the fingerprint verdict stage, an innovative method has been used to match two fingerprint images. The main idea of which is adding random minutia into a fingerprint to disturb the set of minutia after alignment and get the statistic matching result from a number of experiments. The method avoids the cumbersome job in the past like setting the threshold and measuring similarity according to the score. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm improves the performance of the fingerprint matching process.

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