Research Summary on Advanced Front Lighting System with Xenon Lamp

J. Liu, X. Li, Y. Wen, Y. Hu, and S. Zhang (PRC)


AFS, regulations, light adjusting, xenon lamp, simulation


Past studies have shown that the level of the adaptive adjusting of front lights is an important factor for night driving safety. To evaluate the current adaptive front lighting system (AFS) and maintain their functionality, it is essential to summarize the current research work and obstacles ahead. This paper gives an introduction of background and differences between domestic and international regulations on AFS, some detailed requirements on right-left, up-down light adjusting and designing foundations are also put forward, the challenge ahead and existing obstacles in the expanding use of this system are also summarized based on the AFS, and then the prediction and conclusion on this system are given finally. The conclusion from this paper and simplified simulation platform created by us will lay a new foundation for the further research in this regard.

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