Researches on Control-Oriented Model of IPMC Cantilever based on MILSR Method

L. Hao, W. Chen, and Y. Zhou (PRC)


IPMC Cantilever , MILSR,PID


IPMC is attracting more and more attentions, and has tremendous prospects in the fields of Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS), biological medical, bionic mechanism and so on Precision modelling method of IPMC must be set up before application in engineering. However, it has complex response mechanism that exhibits coupling between the electrical, chemical, and mechanical domains, and takes on nonlinear characteristic, and also is sensitive to surroundings condition and material parameters, and varies depending on the solvent. Full understanding of its dynamic characteristics has not yet been achieved.This paper built up a control-oriented model of IPMC cantilever based on MILSR method,have showed a series of experiments and simulation results.Through a simple PID comtroller,a good tracking performance was given.The above showed that a valid model based on on-line identification has been built and easy for contrlling.

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