Switching Analysis of Si-GTO and SiC-GTO Thyristor: An Approach with MATLAB/Simulink

M.Z. Sujod, N. Mohamed, and M.S. Jadin (Malaysia)


Silicon Carbide, GTO Thyristor, Turn-off Time, Poisson’s Equation


SiC-GTO thyristor complimented by the material advantages of SiC has better characteristics than its Si GTO thyristor counterpart. The high-voltage operation of SiC is evaluated for use in inductively loaded switching circuits. Compared to purely resistively elements, inductive loads subject the switching device to higher internal power dissipation. This paper presented two dimensional the fast-switching behavior of 4H-SiC-GTO thyristor under inductive load in MATLAB/Simulink surrounding. The turn-on and turn-off characteristics of the 4H-SiC-GTO thyristor compared to common Si-GTO thyristor are discussed.

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