Ultrasound B-Scan Images based Analysis of Chinese Herb Anti-Hepatitis B Infection

L. Min, Y. Liu, J. Wang, H. Hong, and S. Ma (PRC)


Hepatitis, liver medical digital images, classifications, Chi nese herb.


Unclear mechanisms and different efficacy make Chinese herbs not be popular used anti-hepatitis B infection ther apy in western countries. Rare side effects, virus mutations and cheap prices make Chinese herbs play important roles for anti-HBV infection treatment in China. However the long time’s effectiveness of Chinese herbs therapy has not be evaluated thoroughly. Using an improved classification scheme of liver ultrasound B-Scan images, this paper an alyzes the ultrasound B-Scan liver images of five chronic Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection patients with Chinese herb–Kuanxongjiedu grain (CHKG) therapy. The results show that the CHKG may help to improve chronic HBV in fection patients’ hepatocyte injuries even the patients’ virus loads were not be suppressed during the therapy period.

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