A Preliminary Analysis for a Simplified Model of Local Infiltration into Layered Soils

C. Corradini, R. Morbidelli, C. Saltalippi, A. Flammini (Italy), and R.S. Govindaraju (USA)


Hydrology, Infiltration models, Layered soils


An analysis finalized to develop simple parameterizations for reducing the complexity of a semi-analytical model describing local infiltration into two-layered soils through a system of two ordinary differential equations is presented. An empirical formulation, similar to that earlier proposed for time to ponding, is used for representing the suction head at interface. These two formulations incorporated in the differential system lead to a version appropriate for successive applications at field-scale. Along these lines, the simplified model version should be included in a basic framework recently formulated for the expected areal-average infiltration into vertically homogeneous soils.

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