Power System Fault Diagnosis based on Information Theory and Expert System

H. Zhang and L. Zhang (PRC)


Power system, fault diagnosis, expert system, and information theory


The practicality of existing fault diagnosis approaches is poor, especially when mistakes appear in remote signalling. In this paper, a new fault diagnosis approach of power system based on information theory and expert system is proposed to solve the information uncertainty of power system fault diagnosis. An information transmission model of fault diagnosis based on the actual channel is established when there is only SCADA data source. In the model all kinds of uncertainties, which are mainly caused by power system fault and information transmission, are quantitatively described. This approach inherits the mature and practical characteristics of expert system fault diagnosis, and simplifies fault analysis, so it is beneficial to realize on-line fault diagnosis. Test results show that the method can reduce the impact of information ambiguity and improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis. Even when a large interference appears in remote channel, it also can output a reasonable diagnosis result.

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