Design of an Intelligent Manipulation Device for Switchgear

S.-G. Liu and X.-L. Sun (PRC)


Power system control and protection; switchgear; intelligent manipulation; primary system diagram


At present, the high-voltage switchboard’s dynamic indicating of the primary system diagram, control of temperature and humidity, high-voltage live instruction and electricity testing, guards against the incorrect operation and intelligent manipulation are given by several independent electronic devices in the power system, as many components of different factories are installed on the switchboard, it will inevitably bring about shortcomings of low integration, complicated wiring, poor reliability, which affect the switchboard’s automatic operation functions. On the basis of analyzing functions of the intelligent manipulation device, its principle design and several key technologies are given in this paper. This device not only supplies us with the primary system diagram simulation display, the high-voltage presence indication and interlocking, the circuit-breaker state instruction, the spring energy-storage indication, the earthing-switch state instruction, the handcart location showing, the switch’s opening or closing circuit display and remote/local operation, but also the temperature and humidity intelligent control and voice-prompted against the incorrect operation, which can greatly enhance the switchboard integration and intelligent manipulation.

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