A New Phase-Mode Transformation Method for Fault Analysis of Four-Parallel Transmission Lines

P. Xu, G. Wang, H. Li, and P. Zhang (PRC)


decoupling method, EHV four-parallel transformation lines, phase-mode transformation, symmetrical component transformation


In order to reduce the space of required line corridor, four-parallel transmission lines on the same tower has been more and more used in China with the rapid development of national economy. Meanwhile, because of mutual electromagnetic effect between four-parallel transmission lines, fault location and protection are faced with technical difficulties in practice. This paper proposes a new approach of the phase-mode transformation method for fault analysis of four-parallel transmission lines and deduces three corresponding transformation matrices. Compared with the traditional transformation matrix based on Twelve-sequence Component Method (TCM), the new matrices make it possible to decrease calculation workload and make it easier to analyze faults. The method is validated by large amount of simulation results based on ATP/EMTP.

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