The Impact of HVDC Commutation Failure on the Directional Protection of Power-Frequency Component Variation for Transmission Lines

P. Zhang, H. Li, and G. Wang (PRC)


AC/DC interconnected system, commutation failure, directional protection, and power-frequency component variation


The HVDC transmission has an influence on the operation of directional protection based on power frequency component variation for AC transmission lines. Considering the features of directional protection principle based on power-frequency component variation, simulations based on CIGRE benchmark HVDC system are carried out to analyze the characteristics of equivalent DC-system impedance of power-frequency component variation during the commutation failures in the HVDC system. On this basis, the impact of HVDC commutation failures on the directional protection based on the power frequency component variation is analyzed in the different situations of receiving end network, and simulation based on PSCAD/EMTDC is carried out to prove the correctness of theoretical analysis.

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