Governor-Side Damping Controller for Power Systems based on PMU's Data with Time Delay

A. Xue, P. An, and T. Bi (PRC)


Low frequency oscillation, damping controller, wide area measurement system(WAMS), governor, time delay.


Low frequency oscillation (LFO) is harmful to power sys tem security and stability. The traditional solutions for LFO are the power system stabilizers (PSSs) with local signals implemented on the excitations. This paper ex plores the governor-side damping controllers for LFO with wide area measurement system (WAMS). Design strategy of governor-side damping controller using remote signals from WAMS with time delay is proposed based on the partial state feedback theory, the time delay is dealt with the Pade approximation. Simulation results in a 2-area 4 generator power system show the effectiveness of the pro posed governor-side damping controller.

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