A Distributed Power Flow Calculation for AC/DC Interconnected System based on Asynchronous Iteration

H. Zhang and X. Zhang (PRC)


AC/DC interconnected power grid, distributed power flow, AC/DC power flow algorithm, and asynchronous iteration mode


The contradiction between AC/DC interconnected power grid and the independent calculation mode adopted by regional control centers brings in various drawbacks to the analysis and monitoring of power network. To solve these questions, a distributed power flow algorithm for AC/DC interconnected power grid is proposed, which is based on asynchronous iteration mode. The algorithm is suitable for two-terminal HVDC transmission system as tie-lines which are modeled at two subsystems. Sequential method for AC/DC power flow calculation is as interior iteration. During the exterior iteration, DC system is equivalent to AC line which is used to construct fix point iteration about boundary state variable; equivalent injection power on the boundary buses is modified gradually in order to obtain a power flow result consistent with that for whole system. The experimental results of IEEE standard systems and the real-life interconnected system which are extended to AC/DC power system indicate that the algorithm is accurate.

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