Influence of Radial Distribution Feeders and Transmission Lines on Pole Safety during Phase-to-Ground Faults

Y. Li, F.P. Dawalibi (Canada), and L. Fu (PRC)


Distribution lines; transmission lines; ground potential rise; touch voltage; Step voltage, customer neutral


When a fault occurs on a transmission or distribution steel pole equipped with shield or neutral wires, the faulted pole and the adjacent poles can be subjected to high ground potential rises. A detailed study that focuses on the on steel pole safety along a typical power network consisting of radial distribution feeders and sub-transmission lines during phase-to-ground faults is carried out. Different system models are built and a large number of computer simulations are carried out to estimate pole ground potential rises, total fault current, and pole ground currents and corresponding touch voltages for phase-to-ground faults. The study addresses the safety at the ground pole level by analyzing the behavior of the radial distribution feeders and sub-transmission lines. The method and results presented in this paper are useful for utilities designing steel poles for their distribution and transmission lines.

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