Study on Protecting Forest Fire for Fujian Power Grid based on Fuzzy Model Identification

Z. Xu, H. Lin, J. Chen, B. Wen, and C. Li (PRC)


power system operation; fire provention in power grid; forest fire ranks; fuzzy model identification


In view of Power Grid’s information & policy vacancy of forest fire disaster, Fujian Power Grid brought in the prediction and monitor system for the forest fire along transmission lines. In order to reduce the loss of power system failure induced by forest fire, this paper aims to study on the fuzzy model identification applied in classifying forest fire ranks for power grid. The standard forest fire ranks database is founded, considering the effect of human fire behavior on classifying forest fire ranks. This paper puts forward a distance closeness degree method to identify the real-time forest fire ranks. Combind with transmission lines, the system will alarm the lines by forest fire ranks. It guarantees the grid be normal operation. tion

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