The Method of Calculating the Distribution Loss Factor using the Load Pattern

Y.U. Park, S.H. Choi, and B.S. Lee (Korea)


Loss Factor, Load factor, Load current pattern


In order to establish the electric distribution system economically and operate efficiently, it becomes important to calculate energy losses of the system more accurately. This importance is not only related for the engineering of utilities’ power network but also for the consumers’ electric system. The Distribution Loss Factor (DLF) is the fundamental element of calculating the energy losses occurred through the electric system including the electric lines and equipments. Up to now, the DLF is calculated by empirical formulas using the correlation between the DLF itself and Load Factor. However, these methods have some limitations to reflect the various characteristics of the system and the load. In this regard, the novel method proposed here is developed to yield more accurate result of DLF which actively interacting with the characteristics of the system and the load using the load pattern of the systems. The improved accuracy is very significant according to the results of verification presented at the end of this paper.

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