Technical Sound Calculation of the Power Transmission and Dissipation Matrix for the Purpose of Cross-Border Power Flow Identification

M. Wolter and M. Mohrmann (Germany)


Cross-border power flows, responsibility allocation, Inter TSO-compensation schemes, partial power flows, power transmission cost, power flow Jacobian


Both, marginal participation methods and superposition methods are based on the calculation of a matrix which at least defines active power dispersion throughout the grid. This matrix may additionally be used to calculate grid losses.
For the purpose of cross-border power flow calculation the power transmission and dissipation matrix (PTDM) has to be inverted which results in mathematical problems due to at previous approaches PTDM was either not square or singular if the bus admittance matrix was singular. So, modifications or assumptions has to be applied which are generally not in terms of regulatory requirements.

In this paper a new approach to the set up the power transmission and dissipation matrix is introduced. It is entirely based on technically sound methods and does not need any assumptions or modification. The resulting PTDM is square, regular and thus invertible. It can be used to calculate partial power flows from each generator to any particular load and thereby caused grid losses.

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