Study on Oscillation Damping Effects of Multi-Band Power System Stabilizer Arrangement with Eigenvalue Analysis Method

F. Liu (Japan, PRC), R. Yokoyama, Y. Zhou (Japan), and M. Wu (PRC)


multi-band power system stabilizer, small signal linearized modeling, eigenvalue analysis, oscillation damping effects, 4-machine 2 area system.


This paper presents a standard multi-band power system stabilizer with consideration of the local, inter-area, and global mode to damp the potential power oscillation. Based on the small signal linearized modeling technology and eigenvalue analysis approach, the oscillation damping effects of multi-band power system stability arrangement was discussed, which are demonstrated on a 4-machine 2 area system. Numerical results show that the best arrangement scheme is to install the stabilizer for one area and one machine by considering the economical factor.

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