A Model Predictive Control Strategy for Dynamic Voltage Stability Enhancement

B. Gong and I. Hiskens (USA)


Voltage Stability, Model Predictive Control, Security As sessment


This paper proposes an online optimal control strategy based on model predictive control (MPC) concepts for alleviating voltage collapse. The control block serves as a security enhancement tool for real-time grid operations. Utilizing advanced communications, modern sensoring and computation resources available in smart grid systems, it provides optimal control solutions considering both se curity and economic concerns in power system operations. As a dynamic control strategy, it computes and evaluates a control’s impact to a system in a longer horizon and help to optimize the operations for both pre- and post-emergency conditions.
To compute the controls, time domain simulations and as sociated trajectory sensitivities are used to establish a linear program (LP) that optimizes the control actions. This LP builds on trajectory approximations that are generated from the sensitivities. The control action determined by the LP is subsequently applied to the actual system. A benchmark 10 bus voltage collapse case is used to illustrate the perfor mance of the overall control strategy.

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